Bird Toys & Accessories

Bird and parrot toys, perches and play stands. Natural products that are healthy for birds and parrots to chew on.


R 179.00

Daro Sand Perch Covers- Large

R 65.00

Daro Sand Perch Covers- Small

R 65.00

Akwa Bird Toy BT3024

R 135.00

QualiPet Mini Chew Bone Toy

R 72.00

Akwa Wooden Parakeet Toy #2

R 85.00

AKWA Stranged Bell Parrot Toy

R 125.00

Akwa Parakeet Toy #6

R 89.00

Qualipet Lantern Swing

R 79.00

Qualipet Pine Bits Bird Toy

R 115.00

QualiPet Bird Clic Clac Toy

R 93.00

Bird Cage Toy Décor with Bells

R 189.00

Cockatiel Bell Chain

R 59.00

Hanging Bridge & Swing for Birds

R 139.00

Figure 8 Sekelbos Bird Toy

R 139.00

Bird Feeder

R 599.00