Water Additives

Effective treatment against Algae in Fish Ponds and Water Features. For crystal clear water. Stabilizes pH and kills algae. Water conditioners and bacteria purifiers.

Aquadine Pond Algae Block 20g

R 89.00

Akwa Liquid Oxygen Drops

R 79.00

Sera Oxygen O2 Test

R 419.00

Sera Bio Nitrivec 50ml

R 139.00

Sera Aquatan 50ml

R 89.00

Tetra Nitrate Minus- 250ml

R 265.00

Tetra Easy Balance 250ml

R 259.00

Daro Aqua Chlor 30ml

R 39.00

Tetra Aquasafe 500ml

R 449.00

Tetra Crystal Water 250ml

R 349.00

Tetra Contra Ick Plus 20ml

R 189.00

Tetra Easy Balance 500ml

R 369.00

Daro Activated Bone Charcoal

R 29.00