Water Additives

Effective treatment against Algae in Fish Ponds and Water Features. For crystal clear water. Stabilizes pH and kills algae. Water conditioners and bacteria purifiers.

Sera Aquatan 50ml

R 89.00

Fungi Stop Plus

R 119.00

Pond Clear 150g

R 248.00

Tetra Nitrate Minus- 250ml

R 229.00

Tetra Easy Balance 250ml

R 259.00

Tetra AlgoRem 1 litre

R 659.00

Daro Aqua Chlor 30ml

R 39.00

Tetra Aquasafe 500ml

R 449.00

Sera Aqua Test Set

R 869.00

Tetra Aquasafe 250ml

R 289.00

Tetra Crystal Water 250ml

R 349.00

Tetra Pond AquaSafe

R 675.00

Tetra Contra Ick Plus 20ml

R 189.00

Tetra Easy Balance 500ml

R 369.00

Akwa Liquid Oxygen Drops

R 79.00

Daro Activated Bone Charcoal

R 29.00

Tetra Algorem 250ml

R 389.00