Calsup Powder for Dogs, Cats or Birds

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Calsup is a formulated calcium and vitamin supplement powder to improve the amount of balanced and available calcium levels together with additional vitamins.

This product is suitable as an aid in the treatment of animals suffering from a veterinary diagnosed calcium deficiency.

Use when necessary or as prescribed by veterinary professional


One to two 5 g measures daily, sprinkled on food, depending on size of animal

Increase dose for pregnant and lactating animals.
Decrease dose (½ measure) for kittens and small pups.

Birds: 1 teaspoon per cup of soft food.

Always consult your vet prior to using Calsup Powder, especially when using for preganant or lactating bitches and/or large breed puppies

Composition: Per 5 g:

Calcium* 367 mg, Phosphorus* 162 mg (*from calcium gluconate, calcium phosphate dibasic, calcium lactate and calcium glycerophosphate), Vitamin A 1 500 iu, Vitamin D 200 iu, Vitamin E 2 iu, iron (as ferrous fumarate) 16 mg, in a liver/yeast base to 5 g.