Ferplast Koky Hamster Toilet

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Koky Hamster Toilet With Scoop Mixed Colours 18x 10.2x 8.3cm
Makes a lovely gift idea
Hamster toilet and litter
Good quality item.Suitable for the following breeds: Dwarf Hamsters, Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice.

The Hamster Toilet by Ferplast was developed to take advantage of your small pet's natural instinct to eliminate in one specific area of their home.

The Hamster Toilet can be placed anywhere inside of any hamster or gerbil home and comes complete with free sample of Potty Litter and sifting scoop to help with cleaning the litter.

Yes, you really can potty train your small pet!

Suitable for hamsters, mice and gerbils. Please note colours are assorted.