Field & Forest Wet Food- Salmon 220g

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Delectable salmon complemented by grated pumpkin, sliced mango and ground rosemary. 46% GRAVY. 38% SALMON, EGG & OILS. 16%FRUITS, VEGETABLES, FIBRES, HERBS, VITAMINS & MINERALS. 0% GRAIN, CHICKEN, POTATO, GLUTEN. STEAM COOKED TO PERFECTION IN THEIR OWN NATURAL JUICES WITH ADDED GRAVY. GUIDED BY NATURE™ Rich in protein, low in carbohydrates. PROTEIN CENTRIC DIET™ Meat, organs, and cartilage for Optimum Biosuitability™. PRIMARY INGREDIENTS From salmon, duck, eggs & oils. SALMON Promotes a healthy skin & coat. GROUND ROSEMARY Assists in neutralising cell-damaging free radicals.