Juicy Bites Cat Treat- Crab & Scallop Flavour

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Inaba’s Crab & Scallop Flavour Juicy Bites are tender bite-sized morsels your cat will go head-over-paws for! Each pack comes with two flavors, crab and scallop, so when it’s time to toss your kitty a treat, she’ll get all the variety she craves. You will find real crab and scallop as the top two ingredients, along with vitamin E to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. And to give you peace of mind, you’ll never find any grains, preservatives or artificial flavors in these fun-shaped snacks because your favorite feline deserves only the finest nutrition.

Key Benefits
All 3 packs of cat treats come with two flavors from real crab and scallop.
100% grain-free, so cats with sensitivities and on diet restrictions can enjoy Inaba Ciao cat treats, too!
Made using dolphin-safe tuna, keeping the safety and well-being of dolphins a priority.
Made without artificial preservatives or colors because your kitty deserves real nutrition.
Added vitamin E helps support healthy skin and promotes a shiny, lustrous coat.