Kit Cat Kitty Crunch Chicken Flavour 60g

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When nutritionists who are cat lovers create a cat treat, then you know it’s gonna be gooooood. Introducing – the Kitty Cat Crunch packets of purr-fection.

Made to promote general well-being with carefully selected ingredients like Omega 3, Omega 6 and Taurine (also contains NO pork and NO lard).

Available in a range of 6 mouth-watering taste sensations, these cat treats help to reduce nasty hairballs, promote dental health, and come with four exhilarating shapes per packet to spruce up the culinary experience. MEOW!

Irresistible taste!
NO pork and NO lard added
Carefully selected ingredients added like Omega 3, Omega 6 and Taurine
Aids in hairball control
Comes in fun shapes to keep the thrill going and to help promote dental health
Available in 6 flavours to choose from
Meant as a treat to compliment a balanced premium cat food

Remember to ALWAYS have fresh water for your cat at ALL times.


Store in a cool, dry place