M-Pets Neutral Frequent Use Shampoo

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M-Pets Neutral Frequent Use Dog Shampoo provides particularly mild care and it is free of fragrances and colourants.Since dogs are covered with fur they require shampoos to clean and condition them, just like human need shampoos for their hair. Human shampoos are harsh on the dog and disturb their oil and pH balance. Therefore, there are special products made especially for dogs and other pets that should be used on them.

Bathing removes dirt and odors from his skin and coat. Frequent bathing is necessary to heal inflamed or infected skin and damaged hair.Finally, while not often realized, bathing can have important health benefits for you and your family.

Mpets Neutral Frequent Use Dog Shampoo is gentle enough for frequent use and especially suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. Clean and freshen your dogs coat with Mpets dog Shampoo.