Montego Karoo Small Breed Puppy 20kg

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Puppies must eat today for the dogs they’ll be tomorrow.” Karoo Small to Medium Breed Puppy is full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and the omegas 3 and 6.

The food supports the immune system and the digestive tract and of course, added fat for energy and taste. The very important prebiotics for a healthy digestive tract.

Karoo Small to Medium Breed Puppies kibbles have a satisfying crunch to them, and they contain minerals for strong, healthy teeth and bones.

Omega-rich Salmon oil is natural sources of DHA and EPA, which play a vital role in the development of your puppy’s brain and vision. Making them more easily trainable.

The food has the omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids and zinc that will nourish the skin making it look health and glossy.

Key sources of antioxidants along with Vitamin C and Vitamin E support your little ones developing an immune system. Added Prebiotics will promote a healthy digestive system.