Nubios Crystal LED Clamp Light CL-030

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Can be used in the planted aquarium tank.
High quality multi-spectrum LED diodes including 8000k white and 630 nm blue providing full spectrum illuminations, ideal for fresh water aquarium.
Outstanding grow lights for plants.
Slim, fashionable, compact design with adjustable bracket for easy installation.
Low voltage, super safe and greater energy savings.
Crystal glass splash guard and water resistant construction.
Glow white and blue colour
Consist of 20 White LED light and 4 Blue LED light
Suitable for aquarium size of length 1 feet to 2 feet
Power: 8 Watts
Size : 30 cm x 4 cm
Luman: 760
CRI (k) 8000
Voltage: 100-240 V/50-60 Hz