Prestige Tropical Finches 1kg

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Finches are a popular pet, and they are friendly, energetic and easy to look after.

In the wild, Finches are generally seed eaters and will eat a variety of plant seeds, like grass. Still, individual plants are not always available, due to the season change so that the finch will eat insects and certain fruits, berries and other vegetation.

Versele Laga Premium Prestige is the perfect premium mix for tropical finches and will help keep their plumage colourful and shiny.

The food was developed together with breeders and vets to meet the special dietary needs of tropical finches to keep them in healthy and fit condition.

The food is a completely balanced mix that is enriched with millets and seeds that is full of vitamins, amino acids and Minerals (VAM) for optimal conditioning.

The seed contains Florastimul (fructooligosaccharides) which has a high protein and energy content and guarantees optimal digestion.

Versele Laga Premium Prestige for Tropical also includes cleaned oyster shells that assure the good function of the gizzard.