Tetra Contra Ick Plus 20ml

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Fast acting aquarium treatment for white spot disease
Suitable for all species of freshwater tropical fish
Also effective against skin and gill parasites
Easy to use aquarium treatment
Treats 600 litres
Tetra Medica Contralck Plus is a fast-acting remedy for white spot disease (lchthyophthirius multifiliis) and other skin and gill parasites such as Trichodina and Chilodonella.

Disease symptoms:

White spots or patches on skin and fins, shaky and rubbing movements, clamped fins, rapid breathing, dull mucous membranes.

Method of application:
Shake well before use. The treatment cycle for Tetra Medica Contra lck Plus lasts for 8 days. During treatment, please ensure that the aquarium is well aerated. Switch off any UV clarifiers and ozone systems. Do not use activated carbon or any other absorbent filter media to filter the water. Wherever possible, please clean the filter properly before use. Always ensure that treatment is carried out whilst the tank is fully stocked to prevent any currently healthy animals from subsequently becoming infected. Dispense Tetra Medica Contra lck Plus evenly into the aquarium in the amounts stipulated below.