World's Best Cat Litter- Clumping Litter 3.18kg

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Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
Flushable, septic safe
99% dust-free
Long-lasting - one 3.18kg bag can last one cat more than 30 days.
Available in 3.18kg

The Worlds Best Cat Clumping Litter helps get the messiest job done easily. This formula is made from corn kernels and is naturally absorbent. The clumping formula has outstanding odour control and forms tight clumps, which dont stick to the bottom or the sides of the box and can be safely flushed down the toilet. It is quick-clumping, easy to scoop and septic safe, so the dirty litter will not fill up your bin. This litter is ideal for homes with more than two cats. It is very long-lasting, as the absorbent clumps keep the rest of the litter dry, meaning less full-tray cleanouts.